Welcome to Weather Research

Weather Research studies how weather affects all living organisms, from the complexity of humans to the simplicity of mitochondria, mycoplasma and a fascinating small functional biological compound.

Head of Research, Neil Catto FRMetS, is a professional meteorologist who has worked for the UK Met Office, Weather Commerce (now Metra) and a founder of Weather Research says, "Weather has been my passion since the age of seven and profession since Met Office college in the seventies. Through observation, analysis, hypotheses and testing hypotheses, we have come to realise how remarkable it is how every form of life responds to weather stimuli using a fundamental weather coping mechanism."

You will learn how our research discovered:

We challenge 7 dogmas of biology, with logical and robust arguments - see Weather & Life

This has all been achieved using the scientific method mentioned above.

In Weather & Consumers we cover:

  • How weather controls our physiological unconscious desire for food, drink and comfort
  • The Consumer Desire Index (CDI) - a measure of consumer desire
  • How retailers can eliminate out of stocks, over-stocks and WASTE
  • How our unconscious brain controls our metabolism, growth, homeostasis and immune system
  • How our conscious brain controls our thought, learning, emotion and memory


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In Weather & Life we discuss:

  • The very first form of life needed a coping mechanism to survive
  • Discovery of a fundamental biological coping mechanism
  • A hypothetical self-replicating small compound
  • Mitochondrial photosynthesis in all forms of life
  • How bio-rhythms are caused by alternating UV/IR radiation
  • A Well-Being Index (WBI)
  • 7 Dogmas of biology - through a series of what if's?
  • A new endosymbiosis theory
  • A new evolution theory

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In Weather & Genetics we postulate:

  • Discovery of an interesting small compound
  • 1,000 vital genes - Weather Genes (WG)
  • WG relationships - 92%-metabolism, 90% growth, 96% homeostasis, 94% immune response
  • 35% WG associated with WHO top 10 major diseases
  • 65% WG association with drugs used to treat WHO top 10 major diseases
  • 89% WG association with 100 plants used in Chinese medicine
  • 76% WG association with the latest 100 top selling drugs


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In Weather & Climate we examine the facts:

  • There is no climate emergency in the UK
  • CO2 does not increase temperature in the UK
  • The "hockey stick" is not representative of past 1,000 years climate
  • The NON-97% consensus is really 31.7%
  • Pollution in the UK is the lowest since the 1956 Clean Air Act (DEFRA)
  • CO2 is not a well-mixed gas in the atmosphere
  • Global man-made CO2 emissions accounts for just 0.0015%
  • Sea Ice (Jul2019) is 23 million Km^2 - average since records began
  • Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) is average since records began
  • Tornado activity (USA) is very low since records began
  • Sea level rise is about 2mm per year (i.e. 500 year for 1 meter)
  • IPCC predictions have been wrong for 20+ years

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