Similarities between Climate Change & COVID-19

Similarities between Climate Change & COVID-19

Some rogue, but influential scientists lack a complete understanding of natural processes, giving governments the wrong ideas of how both the weather and COIV-19 progress in time.

These scientists like to delete history which does not conform to their agenda, and real scientists never have an agenda.

These rogue scientists also like to produce "record" weather and death events, computer generated of course, without understanding or recognising the historical natural records, as such they don't take perspective into account.


In the case of climate change, thinking a miniscule "greenhouse gas" (CO2) can change the climate to any great effect is nonsense, considering water vapour is the most prevalent "greenhouse gas".

There are a multitude of natural cycles including Milankovitch cycles (position of the Earth to the sun), solar cycles, ocean cycles of El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and many others, rarely acting in sequence and hence chaotic, all of which changes the weather and long-term weather, the climate.

Rogue scientists claim 97% of scientists agree with man-made climate change, when in fact, from the Cook et al paper, it is 0.5%.

Rogue scientists claim carbon dioxide is a well-mixed gas in the atmosphere but when NASA launched a satellite (OCO2) in 2014, which showed natural carbon dioxide levels much higher over areas of forestation and warmer parts of the oceans, Captured the image on the left before it "conveniently" disappeared.

Rogue scientists claim the climate (based on computer models) will have;

  • more frequent and severe drought and floods
  • temperatures will rise significantly due to increasing carbon dioxide
  • storms will become more frequent and severe
  • sea levels will increase by many meters
  • wildfires will become more frequent and severe,

Using historical data, in reality none of these predictions have come true
In the case of wildfires, fires are needed for many trees for propagation, in other words these wildfires have always occurred naturally. "Green" policies and building policies, to not clear scrub build up and firebreaks has added to these fires. Also, many fires this year have been purposely started by arsonists.

Latest available data here; Weather &Climate

When all of these computer model generated forecasts are put to the test (reality) they have all been found to fail.

Governments, due to lack of scientific understanding, with poor scientific advice, make policies, like Net Zero Carbon, "to save the planet". This is done without understanding the consequences of those policies on achieving such goals, and the large expenditure the people they serve will have to make.


In the case of COVID-19, rogue scientific advisors have been very poor at understanding historical progression of airborne respiratory viruses (ARV).

SARS CoV-2 is an airborne respiratory virus just like the multitude of ARVs throughout history. All of these ARVs have a distinct pattern. In the northern hemisphere, deaths from ARVs start rising in September to a peak around the second week of January the next year, and then fall to the last week in August. This pattern is called the Gompertz curve, which is caused by the effect of UV radiation on the viruses. It is a natural process which has occurred throughout history.

The big difference between the past and COVID-19 deaths is, in the past nature was allowed to take it's course to gain natural herd immunity.

Governments, due to the lack of scientific understanding, with so-called rogue scientists advice, then made policies to enact lockdown, social distancing, group control and wearing of face masks, all of which have the effect of preventing herd immunity. This course of action added a significant number of unnecessary excess deaths.110,000 in the UK.

Like Climate Change, data manipulation has been rife during the COVID-19 pandemic, counting deaths from people with COVID-19 and not from COVID-19, double accounting!

When the forecasts from rogue scientists have been put to the test, they have been found to be completely wrong.

Novel vaccines, the not fully tested (5-year clinical trials) panacea to stop COVID-19 in it's tracks. Introduced just before the peak of the 2020/21 season in the northern hemisphere, conveniently when deaths were going to fall naturally, on the down slope of the Gompertz curve.

How do vaccines work with current increased deaths in the southern hemisphere. It will be interesting to see the correlation when deaths start increasing in the northern hemisphere from next month, the up slope of the Gompertz curve? The COVID-19 hockey stick! The pharmaceutical industry has a solution, booster jabs for all.


In the case of both, the media produce articles and news items, many of them "cut & paste" propaganda from government, rogue scientists, and activists. These gloom and doom laden, scare mongering stories (psychological warfare) to increase viewing and readership figures. The sheeple then think the world is coming to an end and obey all the government laws without question.

Do these rogue scientists and/or governments have agendas?

In the case of climate change it has been said by people working alongside the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), "it is all about destroying capitalism and enacting a one world government and nothing to do with climate." As such it is political, as "Intergovernmental" from the title infers.

In the case of COVID-19, it appears the main beneficiaries of the pandemic scare are the pharmaceutical companies who are going to gain. Rogue scientists' advice to governments, many with links to big pharma, with an agenda.

Governments with state pension schemes are also going to benefit from not having to pay as much pension money out, due to the fact ARVs kill mostly elderly people. Sadly, they will also be gaining more income from inheritance tax.

Isn't it time all politicians take an intelligence quotient (IQ) test, which should be made public?